Artistic Development Network

  1. Link With the Network
    We are a coalition of brands who work to gift an avenue of expression to all types of artists, thereby assisting in the development of all forms of artistry. Join the movement and add your flavor of dopeness to the mix.
  2. Artistic Development
    From Digital Media Marketing to Vocal Coaching, we offer customized personal and professional developmental services to artists & entrepreneurs who are linked with the Network.
  3. Fan Club
    Help us with our mission to eradicate homeless and promote social entrepreneurship to #StarvingArtists and Organizations who link with the Network for artistic development and other community services.
Become a "Fan" of Local Artists
Sponsorship has its perks
 The Network is scoping out local communities to find individuals, small businesses, and organizations interested in forming potential partnerships and/or becoming sponsors as we assist in the cultivation of art and artists.

Through our NetWork we offer discounted digital media marketing packages in addition to other perks as an incentive to sponsorship. Although it's a steal with top rated services offered at such low prices to our clients, our members as well as their communities receive a network of support.

Consider becoming a FAN of local artists & entrepreneurs! 
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No where have I found a Network as dedicated to my project and passion as Von Trapp. Thank you for taking the time to help with #JazzyNights when I needed to focus on my craft as an artist. 
Marianna Jazmine
Art & Media Development Agency
Network, Network, Network
Von Trapp's level of creativity will aid in ensuring that your electronic press kits (EPK), head shots, music videos, and other promotional materials are up to the highest standard of quality and catches you in your best light as you shine! Become a member for access to exclusive deals and services offered by Von Trapp.
Our goal is to connect with our audience, members, and clients by staying active within the community. Therefore, we invite you to keep us as well as your community up-to-date on your events and projects. Link with the Network and contribute by sharing information.

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