Artistic Development Network

Von Trapp is a Creative Powerhouse ...
​Von Trapp is a family... much like the family who escaped social injustices through use of their art in the Grammy winning Sound of Music. Nevertheless, ours is a family of filmmakers, dancers, cosmotologists, entrepreneurs, poets, coders, producers, and enthuseists of all things art. 

Von Trapp's is an Artistic Development Network where our family members have support, an outlet of expression, as well as a template for freeing those expressions from the hold of social norms, constrictions, and/or any perceived injustices. 

We are talented individuals who have united to form a global art & media development agency and lifestyle brand which promotes the advancement of youth and art culture. 


We Are Von Trapp Network; a company who believes that art can be so much more than simply entertainment. Our NetWork delivers creatively cohesive brand advancement resolutions in web & graphic design, digital multimedia marketing, video production and much more. 

We are a one-stop for creatives, capable of creating or improving brands from the ground up. Through use of these wide-ranging creative services, a.k.a. Artistic Development, we help shed light on the routes our members must travel as they pursue their dreams.

We are guiding people along the path of chasing their dreams… How cool is that?